3rd Jan 2019

How to view the text of the new society publication (within 5 years)


PDF sale of the periodical publication (Elytra & Sayabane) is not yet started.
We only treat the hard copy (paper book) of the full issue so far.

Publications in book form within 5 years are available (with PDF partly).Here

[International (out of Japan)]

(1) Admission to be a society member is the most recommended.
PayPal(ペイパル)|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB
- ¥10,000(JPY)/year + remittance fee:¥469(JPY)
- ¥20,000(JPY)/2years + remittance fee:¥897(JPY)
Request to issue invoice: Email to shiyake@mus-nh.city.osaka.jp

(2) Purchase at the book dealer Roppon-ashi, Tokyo
(3)Ask the hard copy to libraries of our exchange partner

[日本国内居住の方 Domestic Information]



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